Things to do in Mechanicsville Maryland

Things to do in Mechanicsville Maryland

I have lived in Mechanicsville for years. It’s true, I didn’t grow up here. I moved from Michigan when we got married. At first Mechanicsville didn’t impress me. I was comparing it to “home.” It’s never fair to compare. In Michigan you’re surrounded by lakes everywhere you turn.  It’s a tourist area.  But once I opened my eyes to the area around me in Mechanicsville I saw its incomparable beauty and the uniqueness of what it has to offer. So from the eyes of someone who was NOT born here, here is what I love about Mechanicsville:

  • The farms – Mechanicsville used to be all farms. Although there may not be as many now because of “progress,” Mechanicsville still has roads that are surrounded by farm land.  It’s a peaceful spot. And it’s not just that there’s farms. It’s how they farm. Mechanicsville still has a small Amish population.  Drive down Rt 236 or Rt 6 and you can see them plowing the fields with a team of 4 or 6 Clydesdales, little kids with their cute straw hats following behind. It really helps you slow your pace, reminisce about the way things used to be, and think about the important things.
  • Fresh grown produce – I love being minutes from fresh produce! The Mennonites, Amish, and local farmers set up stands and sell what they’ve grown on their land. Sometimes, you will be driving and all of a sudden pass a home made roadside stand of vegetables with a sigh “FREE.  THE HONOR SYSTEM.” It makes you do a u turn. Zucchini, yellow squash, watermelon, corn on the cob, tomatoes, berries, peaches, onions, potatoes, cucumbers and more! We love Mechanicsville’s growing season!
  • Reasonable weather – This one makes lots of sense if you are familiar with anything about Michigan. I grew up 45 minutes from the U.P. so I am used to snow. In fact, I LOVE snow. I miss it. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t acknowledge the HASSLE of snow! Mechanicsville has a very mild winter. It’s mostly clouds and rain. About once a winter it may get below 10 degrees.  It really does make life easier when you don’t have to store an extra set of tires all year long for winter, have a second closet of bulky clothes, and worry about getting up an hour early for work just to scrap your car off of a foot of snow.  Spring and summer are lovely. 70-80 degrees. Occasionally it does get a little too hot, but that’s my excuse for “a beach day!” And now, all my friends want to come visit me and escape the MI winter tundra. Win again!
  • Southern manners – If ever you catch yourself thinking “Really? Maryland is a southern state?” it only takes one visit here to be convinced. According to geography, Maryland is technically a “southern” state by virtue of being below the Mason-Dixon Line.  But that is not the part that convinced me, mostly because I didn’t know where or what the Mason-Dixon Line was before I moved here.  St. Mary’s County has a southern charm.  I have visited other towns like Savannah that the southern charm “look.”  Mechanicsville doesn’t have the “look.” The people have the southern charm.  I have never had the door opened for me as many times as I have here. In fact, it is such a normal thing now that it stands out if someone does NOT open a door for you. People always speak to one another. Good morning, hi, how are you, good to see you, have a good day.  Mechanicsville is home to a friendly bunch of people.  They bring the southern charm to Mechanicsville!

A Guest Blog by Jennifer G. a friend of Kevin Copsey (who was born here!)


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